Rules at Cine Adda

Basic Terms
1) There is no age restriction for submission of the entries, and entry is free.
2) Only entries backed by filledup entry forms will be considered. In case you are sending more than one entry, please fill a separate form for each entry.

3) By Submitting your film, you allow Awadh Art Society the rights to exhibit the film at Cine Adda and its other screenings.

Film Content

1) The films shall not be more than 30 minutes in duration (Shorts), and 95 minutes in duration (Feature/ Documentary). Films exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected.
2) All films must be submitted with subtitles in English if in a different language other than English.
3) The films to be shot in any format. However, the video file formats are MP4/MOV/AVI/DVD playable

4) Awadh Art Society assumes that in making your film, you must have obtained appropriate permissions for every person who appears recognizably in your film, and for all music.

5) The film must not contain any copyrighted works belonging to third parties unless (1) you have a license to use such works in the film; or (2) the use your film makes of such works is a fair one under the copyright laws.

Short Listing

1) Awadh Art Society will also have the exclusive discretion in the process of selecting the films for screening at Cine Adda and the various platforms from time to time, and its decision regarding the same shall be final and binding. No dispute with regards to the same shall be entertained by Awadh Art Society at any time whatsoever.

2) No dispute shall lie in any Court, Forum, Tribunal, Judicial or non judicial authority, guild, association etc. in relation to these screenings. Further no correspondence and/or any claims in this respect or in respect to these screenings and/or in any manner whatsoever shall be entertained by Awadh Art Society. The Participating film makers shall not be entitled to any damages, claims, recourses, injunctive reliefs etc under and in relation to these screenings.

The Rights

1) The film maker / rights holder, hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”, hereby represents and warrants that the participant(s) is/are the rightful owner(s) of the content and have the absolute right and authority to deal with the same, including participation in these screenings and further confirm that the content, in full or part, does not violate the copyright of any third party.
2) The Participant further indemnifies the organizer Awadh Art Society ( and holds it harmless if it incurs any loss, cost, or expense (including attorneys’ fees), due to any claim by self or any other parties relating to the content and / or their exploitation of the same.
3) By submitting the film, the participant agrees that the film may be used for publicity or showcased on internet and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. for marketing purposes and/or to reach a larger audience if you signed the Entry Form and agree to accept it.

4) If the participant has agreed to the “Monetization” clause in the Table on Page 1, then, by submitting the film to Awadh Art Society, the participant hereby grants nonexclusive, worldwide rights to Awadh Art Society to exhibit, and wherever possible, monetize the film across various avenues and platforms including but not limited to cultural venues, cafés, clubs, premises of large corporations, educational institutions, seminars & conferences, youth forums, other niche events, multiplexes, internet, mobile VAS platform, television etc. Awadh Art Society shall have absolute and final authority to deal with the said film / content in any manner it deems fit. The participant shall not claim any rights or compensation for the film except those mentioned in the “revenue share program” section hereunder.