Revenue Share Program

General Terms of Participation

1) Only the person who signs and sends in the entry will be considered as the “Participant”. In case it is a team effort, then the team will have to select a representative who will be the participant. All communications from our end as well as the benefits, if any, will be only with/to the participant.

2) Transfer, assignment or substitution of the benefits to a person other than the participant, will not be permitted. However, in exceptional cases Awadh Art Society reserves the right to entertain such request at their discretion.

3) All materials, documents, etc. submitted for participation shall not be returned under any circumstances and shall become the property of Awadh Art Society.

4) Submission of film(s) implies unconditional acceptance of these terms and regulations.

5) Awadh Art Society reserves its right to cancel/ postpone/ stop/ terminate make amendments to the existing terms and conditions of its screening program contained herein without prior notice or withdraw the screenings without giving prior notice in connection thereto and in its sole discretion.

6) Awadh Art Society’s decision in all matters pertaining to these submission and distribution terms herein shall be final and binding in all respects.

Revenue Share Program

1) The participant shall be entitled to a 40% share of the Net Income earned and received by Awadh Art Society through distribution of the participant’s film.

2) Net Income shall mean the actual amounts received by Awadh Art Society for the Participant’s content only, and after deduction of all applicable taxes, payment collections costs, and direct overheads in generating the income.

3) In the event the film is licensed as a part of a package then “Net Income” shall mean the amount received by Awadh Art Society for the Participant’s content (films) only and after deducting the expenses as mentioned here in above from the total receipt and the share proportionate to the weightage of the particular content in the package. The weightage of the content in the package lot shall be decided by Awadh Art Society at its discretion.

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