About us

“Cine Adda” a unique initiative to premier the world’s best shorts/ Docu/ Feature made by Indian & Overseas filmmakers. Our vision for Cine Adda is creating a space which every filmmaker, especially the upcoming ones, can call its own. We invite you to be a part of “Cine Adda”.

Since 2011, we at Shaan-e-awadh International Film Festival have created an ecosystem where interesting, entertaining and thoughtprovoking short films/ Docu/ Experimental can flourish and talented filmmakers get the chance they deserve to showcase their creativity.

Our journey has still just begun. We want to provide an open platform, for interaction and collaboration, to all storytellers and film makers who want to share their point of view with the world. And in this endeavor we are inviting you to submit your Film. At “Cine Adda”, your film will be exhibited to our regular film club members; and also get awarded with the certificate of appreciation, that will enhance your passion towards film making.

We are also exploring strategies to monetize the content, on a nonexclusive basis with the film makers, so that those who create the films can actually benefit while being unbound and independent.

Cine Adda Team