Cine Adda open with Khaleel Khan ke Faakhtey

Khaleel Khan ke Faakhtey
Duration: 25 Minutes | Shorts | India

“It doesn’t matter whether you are making a short film or a feature film, as long as you are fired by the desire to tell a story,” -Rizwan Siddiqui.
Cine Adda, Lucknow. We proudly announce, Lucknow' Own Film Club "Cine Adda" will open on the 17th October for the films that belongs to Lucknow, "Khaleel Khan ke Faakhtey" the film describes the journey of the titular character from Pakistan to his village in India 60 years after the Partition and his chance encounter with Mata Prasad, an old friend. But the meeting turns sour when he is asked to pay back the money he borrowed 60 years ago, which Mata Prasad dearly needs.
The Film "Khaleel Khan ke Faakhtey" Written & Directed by Rizwan Siddiqui, a Lucknow-based creative consultant and a copywriter, the primary cast of the film is made of theater actors from Lucknow and some of the extras include a puncture repairer from Kakori and a keyboardist in an orchestra band. The film was financed out of the savings of Rizwan and his wife. The film has also travelled to London and has been selected for two other international film festivals.
We Heartily invite you all at the very first session of Cine Adda, we'll altogether watch, discuss and celebrate cinema with a cup of tea :)
Date: 17th October 2015 Venue: MV Media Institute, Shalimar Square, Lal Bagh, Lucknow; Time: 12:30 P.M. 
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